If the thermometer shows 38-38,5 degrees, no need to rush to lower those numbers, because at this temperature destroyed pathogenic viruses. But provided that you normally carry it, do not suffer from aches all over the body, chills, severe headache. If these unpleasant phenomena you have, use an antipyretic. You can take medication based on paracetamol in moderate doses and not more than three days. Effervescent tablets may form kidney stones, so don't overuse them. Have to be careful with aspirin: acetylsalicylic acid increases the possibility of bleeding, acts on the mucous membranes, causing her swelling, provokes spasms of the bronchi. Note on folk treatment. A good effect is from the infusion from grass mother and stepmother, oregano and raspberry leaf. 2 tablespoons of these plants mix and pour a liter of boiling water. Let infuse for 20 minutes. Drink 4 times a day for a quarter Cup. It is also possible 3-4 orange slices infuse for half an hour in 50 ml of water at room temperature. However, there are contraindications: oregano is not recommended for use during pregnancy, ulcer, gastritis, and the orange if you are allergic to citrus.To ease the chills, it is necessary to stay warm to sleep better with a blanket and drink warm cranberry juice, cranberries, currants, tea with lemon and honey. The more fluids the better. If, instead of chills, the patient was tormented by the heat, the warming will only hurt the body: temperature to rise even higher. So the heat will help the physical cooling. On the forehead put a cloth soaked in cool water, and the patient's body (armpits, elbow and popliteal folds, the abdomen, chest, carefully wipe with a towel soaked in a weak solution of vinegar. Do this periodically until the status is not normal. In some cases you need to bring down even slight fever (37.5-38 degrees): in diseases of the heart, kidneys, lungs. Also you should alert the following symptoms at elevated temperature: feeling cold, shivering, pale skin, ice cold to the touch limbs, convulsions. This so-called "white" fever and she requires urgent medical care.