To calculate the sex of the child to update blood, should consider the age and mother and father. According to the statements of doctors, every few years, the blood in the human body is changing and with change of her cells to "rewrite" the genetic information. This process largely determines the gender of the child conceived in a certain period.

In women, the updating of the blood cells is every three years, and their satellites every four. This is due to the difference in the condition of the body, reproductive system and other factors that distinguish the men from the fairer. For example, men who have reached puberty, the change of blood happens in 20 years, then at 24, 28, etc., and in females at 18, 21, 24 and then with the same intervals. One of the pair to the onset of conception, the blood will be younger, sex and will be born a child. If someone from parents has been major blood loss, for example, after a transaction or donation with further calculation it is necessary to add men to the age of four years and women to age three.

Try to calculate a baby's gender on a piece of paper, a special formula. Divide the current age of the man on four, and the woman's age - three. For example, 27 divided by 4 and get the 6.75. But if 25 divided by 3, you get an 8.33. Now look at the remains of the numbers obtained. One residue less of the sex and child (in the example female). Please note that if the expectant mother RH-negative blood, the resulting values should be interpreted the other way around. If the results are similar in value or match the chances to conceive and girl and boy equal. Also it can talk about the probability of occurrence of twins or the twins.

With all the interest in estimating the gender of the child in this way should not be considered the result 100% accurate. On the floor plan of the child can be influenced by many factors, e.g. heredity, date and even the position of conception. Whatever the outcome it should be remembered that children is a true joy, and therefore, the birth of a boy, girls and parents will certainly bring a lot of happiness.