The most important micronutrients that affect the sex of the baby, the scientists called calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Women that want to have a girlshould exclude from your menu foods containing sodium and potassium, but calcium and magnesium in the diet expectant mother should be as much as possible. List of foods not recommended for use women wishing to give birth to a girl, led the salt. From it scientists suggest to refuse in General. Of meat and meat-containing products, you can't eat sausages, delicacies and roasted meat. Try to eat or cooked meat in small quantities, or replace it with fresh or frozen fish. In the category of bakery products under the ban should be ordinary bread and pastries as well as cookies and biscuits. But whole wheat bread and homemade cakes is the best fit to the table of women, dreaming about her daughter. Potatoes and meals out of it also should be excluded from the diet, but beets, carrots, cucumbers, eggplants and onions will give your body the necessary trace elements.Especially helpful for conception of girls are yogurt, whole milk and hard cheese are rich in calcium. Also the woman should include in the diet such greens as spinach, arugula and salads. Day is better to start with cereals, the most useful will be oatmeal. It is believed that legumes also have a positive effect on conception girls. In the list of allowed foods that contain calcium and magnesium, included broccoli and nuts.Fruits should occupy a special place in the diet of women. So, wishing to give birth to a girl scientists recommend to consume oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits, but bananas should prepare for pregnancy to give up.Among the special drinks should take the place of teas from herbs, mineral water with calcium and cocoa. Carbonated beverages should be excluded.Furthermore, making a diet, it should be remembered that no single theory is effective in all cases, so the diet may not be an absolute guarantee of conception girls.