Write a letter in a free written form, but adhering to the business style and design, as this letter may be brought to consideration in court if your requirement about the repayment of the debt will fail. In this case, it will be a document providing evidence of your attempts to resolve the dispute peacefully out of court. You can also dial it on your computer and print it, but don't forget to sign.
Complete your letter in business style, according to accepted rules.
In the upper right corner of an A4 sheet reserved for specifying the initial details, write the surname, name and patronymic and place of residence of the recipient. Here enter your surname, name, patronymic and home address in the format of "one."
Start the letter with an appeal to the debtor "Dear", placing it in the center of the sheet at the beginning of a new paragraph. The following briefly we will remind of its obligations in front of you, Recalling the agreement of the loan (if one was made).
Describe the circumstances which form the basis for writing the treatment (missed the payment deadline or the need of early repayment of debt). Tell us your requirements (the repayment of a debt, the payment of interest or renewal of the loan agreement).
Specify the period which you allot to the borrower for their execution. Announce your intentions to go to court to protect your interests. Sign and date it.
Take a letter to mail and complete the delivery notification. Don't forget to make an inventory, so as not to allow the debtor to refer to the absence of mail in the specified document. These steps, of course, have meaning only in the case if you do intend to go to court to resolve the conflict.