For babies first year of life the natural body temperature of 37 degrees. Subsequently, it will fall to 36.6. Remember that fever is not a disease but only a symptom. In this way, the body produces antibodies, enhances the protective forces and inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, for children under the age pediatricians recommend to bring down the temperaturewhen it is getting above the 38.2 degrees, and older kids – if it exceeds 38.5 C.
Start to bring down the temperature from the child only in the case where it exceeds the permissible level. It is necessary to carefully inspect the baby's skin. If it is moist, bright red color, and the legs and handles are very hot, make water acetic rubdown. To do this, mix water and vinegar in the ratio of 5:1. Can help relieve fever enema with cool water and a cold compress on the forehead.
If the child's cold skin when it is dry, give it a febrifuge for children. Dilute water with alcohol, or take vodka and RUB well into hands and legs of the baby. Then wrap it and give to drink hot tea with raspberries or cranberries. After the child will propotet, be sure to put him in dry underwear.
Don't forget that at elevated temperatures is dehydration. So as much as possible and as often as possible encourage your baby to drink. As a drink suitable decoctions of dried fruits, chamomile, Linden, rosehip. Even with extreme heat have a child make sure to call the doctor at home. After all, so can start some pretty serious diseases. And if the crumbs on the background of high temperature, red throat, rashes and a runny nose, the faster the specialist will make the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment, the faster your baby will be able to recover.