Poor nutrition

The daily menu should be balanced and nutritious. Because the food the body receives all the essential for normal functioning of substances.
Excessive consumption of all kinds of desserts and sweets, bakery products affects the hair.

The lack of vitamins

The quality of hair of the baby may depend on whether is met the need of vitamins, especially E, A, PP, B6 and B12. In addition to the balanced diet a child needs to take special vitamin complexes. It is also worth noting that young people may lack micronutrients such as, calcium, phosphorus, which are responsible for hair growth.
Hair follicles are nourished through good blood circulation of the head, which is why the lack of power leads to weakening of roots and slower growth, in some cases, hair loss in large quantities.

Improper care

That the hair of the child was always at the height you need and to properly care for his hair. For example, to the harmful factors that slow the growth of the strands, carry daily shampooing using substandard shampoos, incorrect brushing with the use of the iron brushes of the brushing head immediately after bathing.

Genetic predisposition

Heredity is often responsible for many deviations from average norms. Paying attention to relatives of the older generation, it is possible to determine the cause of slow growth of hair.


There is a perception that children who are prone to stress and various emotions, the hair grows much slower than in calm. In this case, the child should show the child neurologist who will help you solve the problem of this behavior of Chad, therefore eliminate the cause of slow growing hair.


In addition to all other factors there are many different diseases that also can affect the normal growth of hair. For example, rickets. This disease can be caused by a lack of vitamin D. To prevent rickets in the cold season the children is useful to give a synthetic vitamin D, and in the summer need to the child as long as possible to spend time outdoors under the rays of the sun.