To sow dill and parsley , you can, without waiting for steady heat, as these plants are frost – proof. Just mix the seeds with sand, scatter them along the furrows, and from above cover with a thin layer of the earth. You can do this by using a rake to cover the ground, passed through a sieve.
If your garden is not quite the right place, and the soil there is wet and cold, to plant the fennel and parsley should not along the furrow and on the ridge. Pour comb is best hoe to the ground was loose. Then, as when landing on soft ground, seeds need to be mixed with sand and sprinkle along the crest, then sprinkled with a thin layer of loose soil.
You can grow parsley and dill at home. In this regard, a well-parsley – it grows in pots on the window sills. In early spring, when daylight is already quite long, in loose soil, pour the seeds and cover them with a thin layer of earth. Pot is best placed in the South window, at least in the West or East. On the North window of greenery will be hard to germinate. Plants well will feel on the balcony.
In winter especially, you want fresh herbs, because the body loses many vitamins! But for dilland parsley and the crucial factor is not temperature, and light. When the days get too short, the plants simply do not germinate – they do not have such length of daylight. However, if you do not have time to plant seeds of greens in the summer, try the following method: in the fall dig in the garden bushes of parsley and put in a pot with soil. The Mature plant is not critical to the sunlight, so in winter you can enjoy fresh herbs.