Green culture and the early vegetables – radishes

In the spring there is a rush to obtain the first harvest. Arrived at the cottage, plant a radish. Then after 3-4 weeks you will be able to enjoy its succulent roots. The sort of "18 days" allows you to taste them through the appointed amount of time. To be considered you need to day of emergence. The seeds germinate quickly – on the third or fourth day.

Make a spring salad of radishes, onions, dill. Onion also gives first green pretty quickly. For this you need to plant sets in the soil. Medium and large specimens will give more greens than smaller ones. Rapidly growing dill. Just a month the seeds will turn into a small delicate bushes. After 45 days the greens will be even greater.

Types of lettuce there are many. They are divided into iceberg and leaf. The last and the most precocious. But iceberg lettuce is growing quite briskly.

One of the Champions of the rapidity of growth of watercress. After 15 days tear its spicy leaves and try vitamin greens. The original taste is different and arugula. It also refers to growing crops. These two types of greenery can be planted not only in the garden but also at home in pots or boxes. They are compact and do not require a lot of space and shade.

Growing vegetables

In the early to mid-June you want to taste the first cucumbers. It's real. Plant early maturing varieties in late April on the seedlings. In mid-may will plant it in the greenhouse. Then at the beginning of summer you make a salad is not just greens and radishes, but adds juicy cucumbers.

If you want to eat a salad with crumbly potatoes from his garden, and this moment for a long time will not have to wait. Get an early variety, place the potatoes for 3 hours in a solution of a growth stimulant, and then put in transparent bags. Make each 3-4 small holes and hang in the light. Sometimes moisten from a spray bottle.

After a month the tubers will be small strong leaves and roots. Plant in early may, potatoes in the ground. It will grow quickly. In mid-July you can carefully undermine 4-5 bushes and take each 2-3 large potatoes. It is enough for a family dinner.

Lettuce become bitter, so plant it a few times during the season in small portions.

When planting radishes do not forget that it should be planted at a distance of 3-4 cm at most. Then each plant will need a supply area, and radishes will not go into the arrow.