Why can't we stand on the threshold of the house: the view of the esoteric

Some peoples buried their deceased relatives under the threshold. It was believed that the energy of the ancestors are able to protect people living in the house from the negative influence, to protect descendants against misfortunes.

The ancient Slavs believed that lives under the threshold of the house, to disturb which is once again not necessary.

Muslims still believe that live under the threshold of the Jinn, so it in no event it is impossible to advance, and even more so to sit on it.

The threshold has long been considered a mystical place, where several energies. Long to be on the threshold of the dangerous to human's energy.

Why not shake hands across the threshold

In Russia, the people EN masse believe in omens, and observe the traditions formed for centuries. For example, the famous one amusing case when docking the space Shuttle "Soyuz" and "Apollo", the Russian cosmonauts refused to shake hands with foreign colleagues through the hatch. It is a curious incident captured camera. So strong in the minds of Russians the traditions of their ancestors.

To shake hands across the threshold of the impossible. This tradition is observed in many families to this day. If stretching across the threshold hand for greeting, then you have a very high probability, will be invited to enter the house or the owner himself will come out of the house to say Hello.

You can not talk, something to send, sit and stand on the threshold of

Again, it is believed that such acts can incur the trouble. This superstition is due to the fact that the threshold remains in the minds of the people the border between the worlds, though no one today there is not burying the dead relatives and burying the corpse of a chicken in front of the building.

If you left the house, but then you had to back — roads

It is believed that if you have to go back and step through the door of the house, then completely lose their power. Superstitious people in such cases, look in the mirror and show her reflection language.

You cannot send the money and stuff through the door

If you handed the money over the threshold, then wait for financial problems. The energy of money loses its power.

The door can bring good luck

If you want to bring the house good luck and material wealth, put it under the threshold of the front door of a coin.