Naked on the street

Photo shoot on the street – the most successful. Natural light is best for pictures, they are alive, vividly convey the mood and emotions. Planning a photoshoot, try to choose unusual places. The beauty and romance perfectly set off the scenery of fields and gentle colours of the setting sun. Mysterious images can be done in a dense forest, and light a fun photo in a marine style work out on the beach, the promenade and even on the boat.
Making pictures with the flash, try to perform them in close proximity to at least one light source.

When choosing a place for a photo shoot, avoid the ugly background in the frame. Plastic panels shopping centers or tile surface of the houses look poorly. Choose a place where a lot of space. If the shooting takes place in an urban area, try to get a shot of the continuation of the street, showing a landscape of buildings in the future. Walking around the city, try to pay attention to the old alleys and unusual surfaces, and open new locations.


Spring is a beautiful time of year, and can be beneficial to show it in the pictures. Spring scenery background is better to choose as far as possible from the city, for example, a very fresh and unusual and will look to young leaves or the melting of the ice on the river.

If the photo shoot is scheduled in the city, you can bet on the streets, filled with bright spring sun, and patches of dry asphalt among the puddles. For this you can go to main street or a large area. Beautiful spring landscapes are perfect for romantic photoshoots.
To show movement in the background of the picture, turn on the camera slow shutter.

Autumn is the season of decay, but not in the pictures! Beautiful bright foliage in combination with the cloudy sky looks very interesting in photographs. Street – the perfect place for a photo shoot at this time of year. Stroll along tree-lined boulevards, then we can capture the beautiful play of light through the trees.

For fresh winter photos in the best traditions go for a walk in the woods. White snow and the trees create a festive atmosphere. Perfect weather for a winter photo shoot – Sunny day or snow without wind.

Summer is the best time of the year due to the long daylight hours. The promenade, beach and pier are great places for shooting. Windy near the water, and the clothes will be beautiful flutter in the frame. In addition, the solar reflections on the water look great in the pictures.