How to play backgammon

Set backgammon game includes a Board divided into two halves, 15 checkers for each player and two dice, called Zara. Initially, players build checkers in a line (head) on the opposite half of the Board. Next, we determine the first move. Players take it in turns to throw one dice. Whose bones will be a larger number, and he goes first. If both players fall the same number, then throws again.

The player who gets the first turn throws two dice and moves a checker from the head to the number that fell on the bones. The different dice you can move your head only one piece. If the first move of the player appears on both dice the maximum value is 6 and 6, then heads off two checkers. The same rule applies for the player who moves second.

Then the players take turns throwing two dice. The dice must fall on one side of the boards and smoothly. If a bone fell out of the boards, fell on the other side or stood unevenly, the player throws the dice. Checkers are moved based on availability, single-player from left to right, another from right to left. The player must make a move if he has a place where you can put the sword. If all the seats are occupied swords of the enemy, the player loses a turn.

At loss on the bones of two of the same value (double) the player doubles and for once he can move four checkers. The essence of the game is to be the first to overtake all stones from the head to the opposite side of the Board, called the house, and then the first to throw them out of the house the outside of the Board.

How to throw checkers

When you dispose of the checkers players throw two dice. If the numbers on the dice coincides with the number on which the checker then it can be discarded. But the player also can make and throw in the house, if the value on the bones allows you to move a checker closer to the edge of the Board. If the checkers are closer to the edge, and the player rolls a higher value, we throw the checker, the number of which is closest to the value on the bones. The first player threw all his checkers off the Board wins.