For those who are just beginning to learn technique of weaving bracelets out of rubber bands, it may be advisable to start with simple, but quite original models. For example, you might consider how to weave a bracelet out of rubber bands "lazy".

Weave bracelet "lazy" can advise not only for beginners. This option is ideal in order to use the colored bands, accumulated from different datasets, which are too small to make any pattern. Ie you can collect and recycle all excess material. For the manufacture of such jewelry will take approximately 100-120 gum.

To weave loom bands bracelet "lazy" need in 2 stages. First, it is an ordinary chain. This is perhaps the simplest weave of them all, but because the chain can be done even on the machine, at least for the pencils, at least on the fingers or on the forks. Clip undertake a variety of colors, in a chaotic manner, because a chain is the basis, which will not be visible. You can make it, and colorless.

For those who have just started to learn this hobby, detailed instructions on how to weave a bracelet out of rubber bands "chain".

  1. First, put 2 fingers of one hand the first rubber band you want to twist in the form of eight.
  2. Then put the elastic is not twisted already.
  3. Lower, a twisted figure eight elastic fingers should be remove so that she was hanging on top gum.
  4. Then put a third rubber band, and the second is removed with the fingers is similar to the first. Further, the fourth elastic is stretched, and the third is removed, and thus the need to weave a bracelet out of rubber bands to the length that is needed.

After the chain has reached the desired length, is threaded to the upper layer. For this you need to take 2-3 at the same time the rubber bands and wrapped them around the hook. Recruited as many as will fit on the hook.

Then hooked crochet woven chain and rings with a hook on one thrown at her. Transferred rings of rubber bands extend to the bottom of the bracelet. The process repeats as long as the gum doesn't cover the base completely.

When the bracelet is ready, the ends are held together by the clasp.

To weave a bracelet out of rubber bands "lazy" can be a bit different: the gum is just strung on the chain without twisting, and without stringing hook. This bracelet will be more voluminous and fluffy.