Electronic cigarette appeared relatively recently, but has already sparked debate. Opinions, as always, divided into two large groups:

  • advocates of electronic cigarettes;
  • conservative opponents.

To sort out this problem, try to understand this product in more detail.

E-cigarette: what is it?

The device, called "electronic cigarette" is essentially a product of modern microelectronic technology. The end result of the actuation of such a gadget is getting cold vapor that simulates similar feeling as when Smoking traditional cigarettes.

This device includes:

  • the battery is rechargeable;
  • cartridge with an aromatic liquid;
  • spray Converter-atomizer) of liquid;
  • electronic microprocessor;
  • coil nichrome;
  • led.

For the duration of using this gadget is like a lighter, disposable. There are products reusable with a long life and refillable cartridges. The form of the devices also differ:

  • in size and appearance as conventional cigarette;
  • in the form of cigars;
  • cigarette with a mouthpiece;
  • a Smoking pipe.

электронные сигареты отзывы

The principle of e-cigarettes

If we imagine the work of the inhaler, the electronic cigarette resembles a kind of inhaler. Inside the inhaler is a nicotine solution with various additives translates when working in cold steam and reminding the smoker of conventional cigarette smoke. The basic principle of operation is the generation of steam. For this steam generator is the Central element of the product, microprocessor-controlled with a special sensor. The smoker is tightened, the sensor is triggered by the passage of air and gives the command processor to launch a coiled heating filament of nichrome. Causing the Smoking liquid is heated, converted into steam and is inhaled by the smoker as an imitation to cigarette smoke.

The advantages of the device

Alternative regular tobacco products e-cigarettes have undoubted advantages:

  • you can smoke everywhere, no malware of smoke;
  • fire safety at height, they do not cause fires;
  • the composition of e-cigs are virtually harmless to health, unlike conventional lethal;
  • clothes will not suffer from burning, tobacco smoke will not permeate the household environment;
  • through such replacements, the smoker gets the opportunity to leave addiction;
  • from a smoker is not stink unpleasant smoky aromas, fingers turn yellow, there is no smoker's cough;
  • the ability to regulate and lower income amount of nicotine in the body.

Disadvantages of e-cigarettes

These gadgets have not only advantages but also disadvantages. The disadvantages include a fairly high cost. Disposable electronic cigarette is expensive. These devices require careful maintenance and operation. Need to charge your battery, fill the cartridge with fluid.

Certain disadvantages related to the fact that you can buy cheap poor-quality fake. Therefore, buy only high-quality electronic cigarette brands well-known manufacturers.

The contents in the mixture of propylene glycol, some experts attribute in the cons of the product. Some experts say that propylene glycol is harmless to the human body. It is included in toothpastes, food products and so on. Skeptics associated propylene glycol with antifreeze and they are partially right.

Electronic cigarettes have made a strong competition to world's tobacco giants. They "entered" the disadvantages of electronic gadgets harmful to health, though they forget that their products kill millions of people on the planet.


According to the research among the users of electronic cigarettes was established this picture:

  • 20% of smokers with it plan to get rid of nicotine addiction;
  • about 70% of electronic cigarette smokers have switched to this type of Smoking consciously, instead of traditional;
  • less than 10% expressed a desire to return to conventional cigarettes.

Doctors have not developed a unified point of view in relation to electronic Smoking. Reviews are rather contradictory. If the medicine is clearly recognized damage and the harmfulness to health of tobacco Smoking, the electronic alternative is not so clearly defined.

Heavy smokers with experience have to say about these cigarettes is critical. Because of their habits they are unacceptable for them. The negative reviews.

Manufacturers of e-cigarettes win "a place under the sun" demonstrating and promoting its advantages, primarily in the youth environment.