You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - plastic tube with diameter less than the diameter of the electronic cigarette;
  • - small hammer;
  • - pliers;
  • - drill;
  • - needle;
  • - soldering iron.
Electronic cigarette consists of three main parts: - a replacement cartridge which houses the liquid nicotine; the battery that supplies voltage to the atomizer and the light, mimicking the light at the end of the cigarette; the atomizer, through which the evaporation of the nicotine liquid.In the case of malfunction of the device, it is most commonly associated with the work of the atomizer. if you don't want to take it in for repair, you can disassemble the e - cigarette by yourself and inspect the evaporator.
Carefully using tweezers, remove the center pin, and desolder the wire. Remove the print cartridge. Grasp the battery with one hand and the other on the atomizer and start to "bend" a cigarette in the place of the connection, as if "breaking off" the atomizer. Don't put a lot of effort, twisting the device in different directions until you see a gap between the threaded part and the body of the cigarette.
Remove the case. Depending on the brand of cigarettes you can withdraw only the outer tube or, in another case, appears threaded connector. In this case, proceed very carefully not to accidentally tear off the soldered wire. If you have taken only the external casing, put it back and continue to "bend" a cigarette. In the second case, insert the plastic tube with a diameter less than the diameter of the electronic cigarette, the cartridge. Take the atomizer in your hand and gently tapping the tube with a hammer, knock out the inner shell from the outer one.
Remove the bottom plastic washer. If the wire is affixed, then gently with the tip of the needle clean off the glue around the holes and then gently pull all the wires. If they are glued the entire length of the channel, you will have to make the effort to tear them away from the body with pliers. Glue clogged holes can be cleaned with a drill.
Remove mugs from metaleta located at the bottom and unwind metalistu wound across the bridge in the transverse direction. Clear the bridge, unwind foam around the glass.
Pull out the spiral, pushing the wire from the battery. They also can be pulled out with tweezers from the side of the cartridge, if the spiral is badly damaged.