Who favors Monkey

Good luck in 2016 will accompany those who persevere and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

However, in the pursuit of material goods, do not forget about the mental balance. Should be given more time to relax and talk with their loved ones.

Love horoscope for 2016

Fire signs in 2016, expect an uneasy relationship with his beloved. In order to avoid scandal and numerous quarrels, the rams will need to learn to compromise and make concessions.

The lions will have to restrain their ambitions and really look at life. If the Lions to be very arrogant and fixated on his person, the risk in 2016 to stand alone.

Archers will need to take in 2016 exposure. They should not assert themselves at the expense of others, otherwise they risk to get into trouble.

The representatives of the elements of the Earth in 2016 should show sensitivity and insight. Virgins stars advise more to monitor themselves, to their loved ones do not have the desire to look around and seek adventure on the side.

Capricorns need to remember that jealousy is a bad adviser and it is not necessary to be overly suspicious of their half.

Taurus in 2016 will be faced with a choice: passionate relationship or the comfort and warmth of the family hearth.

Lonely representatives of the element of Air in 2016 can meet his fate. The twins are waiting for happy events on the love front. Everything will happen very suddenly.

Aquarians can meet their fate, going on a journey or business trip.

Libra in 2016 will be spoiled for attention from the opposite sex.

Watermarks in 2016 will fall into a whirlpool of events. Crayfish will seek to flirt indiscriminately. They want to please everyone, at the risk of offending his regular partner, however, true love can withstand any test.

The lonely Scorpion finally wants to tie the knot.

Fish will show the extreme folly and passion around them would erupt with incredible force, engaging them in a cycle of intrigue and scenes of jealousy.

Financial horoscope for 2016

In 2016 financial prosperity comes to those who will not be lazy and feel sorry for myself. In monetary terms will be more successful second half of the year.

Aries will get rich if they work hard. Likely career in the spring of 2016.

Lions in 2016 will be able to Express themselves and to realize the most daring projects.

Sagittarians can improve their financial well-being in the second half of the year, but only on the condition that they will be diligent and to work hard.

For Virgins 2016 financial plan goes too well, however, to relax they will not succeed.

The bulls will be to take risks, and to profit from of your investment.

Capricorns in 2016 should learn to save, not to be in a financial hole.

Gemini in 2016 will be good earn, and to enjoy the fruits of their financial success.

Libra needs to be tempered in its spending in 2016, or they can be broke.

2016 is the year for Aquarius in monetary terms will be very successful. This is their time when they can realize their dreams.

Water signs 2016 promises greater material success, but a failure for them, he will not. Cancers will be a financial crisis, to overcome which will manage only the most hardworking and dedicated members of this Zodiac sign.

Scorpions the financial crisis will last only until the spring of 2016. Then the situation will begin to stabilize by year-end they will be able to achieve success and to prove themselves.

The financial position of Pisces in 2016 will not change. All the problems and successes of the previous year will go smoothly in the next.

Horoscope for the year 2016 for the signs of the Zodiac


Love the Rams all goes quiet in 2016. Special changes can be expected. All the troubles that will happen with the Rams in 2016, are intermediate and minor. Do not worry on trifles and to become discouraged in the end, everything passes.

Rams should treat the money economically and do not buy luxury items. Waste can entail a lot of additional expenses and a lot of money can be wasted in 2016.


The main task for the Bulls in 2016 will become the correct placement of priorities in life, the only way they will be able to achieve tangible results. Bulls expect a big change in professional career and love life. In order to be a winner for Taurus you need to have a clear plan of action and hard to begin to move to the target.


The Twins 2016 will split in two. In the first half of the year awaits them a resounding success. They all will develop successfully, but the second semester will begin testing its strength. To avoid catastrophe, they need to stay put and not risk at this time. This warning applies to all areas of their life. Better to lurk and enjoy the successes that have been achieved in the first half.


Raki needs to stay calm and not to lose presence of mind. Only the prudence and caution will help them survive this difficult in all respects. Stars warn Cancers: you do not need to make debts and to trust unfamiliar people. Luck Cancers will smile when moving to a new home or in building a house.


Lions should not seek to change in 2016. In order to take on something new, you need to finish unfinished business and solve a long-standing problem. There comes a time when an ambitious proud representatives of this sign will be able to fully demonstrate their leadership qualities. On the love front, too, there comes a happy time: time alone for the Lions to tie the knot with a happy marriage and to get the long-awaited offspring.


Virgo can meet his fate in 2016 and even have time to marry. At work no need to show too much initiative. Better to sit on the sidelines and await a more favorable moment, when you can show yourself. If Virgo will show prudence and will not get involved in the backstabbing at work, you'll be able in 2016 to get promoted and make good money.


Weights need to be patient and not to let any of her plans, otherwise the competitors and envious could ruin everything. Also representatives of this sign should be more careful and spend a lot of money. The family Weights need to try to avoid conflicts and quarrels. 2016 will be challenging, but overall successful.


Scorpions all goes well. The monkey gave them all sorts of benefits. In 2016, the Scorpions should listen to your inner voice and the prompts intuition, and it escalates from them as ever. Will have a difficult job, which will bring considerable profit, however, hard work one should not forget about the rest, otherwise there is a risk to undermine his health.


Sagittarius lucky in his personal life. A particularly favorable period for them will be the second half of the year. Will be able to make peace with those whom they have wronged, and to build new relationships. Sagittarians are born travelers and in the second half of many representatives of this sign will be a fascinating and thrilling journey, however, to implement the plan, they will work very hard in the first half of the year.


Colorful year for Capricorns. They will remember it for a long time. Miss they just do not have. 2016 will be the time of dreams, when you can build grandiose plans. Do not forget about the family. You should devote your family more time.


For Aquarius, comes a period of stagnation like nothing bad is happening, but to brag especially nothing. This time, it is best to use for yourself: take courses or read spiritual literature. If Aquarians want something to achieve in 2016, it is necessary to keep their ideas secret.


In 2016, Pisces will be the center of attention. This year will bring them lots of surprises, especially in the first half. Fish will get new useful contacts, and for the loved ones they will become trusted helpers and wise counselors.