To connect or disconnect the service "Weather", the subscriber of "MegaFon" should send sms-message with a special command to the short number 5151. To activate the subscription, specify the command "PP", and to abandon it, type the command "stop PP". In addition to disable this service, you can use USSD-request *111*11#.
The operator "MegaFon" offers clients "Mobile subscription", which can be used to manage services (to remove old or activate new) online. To do this, open the link In the opened window enter your mobile phone number (it is your login in the system). Once automatically determines your region, you will be taken directly to management.
All users of MegaFon available another self-service system "Service-Guide". It will help to disconnect and connect services by pressing a single button, the subscriber will not need to find the deactivation code services on the operator's official website. In addition, this service allows you to obtain information about the balance of funds in the account, the cost of services provided and change your current plan to the new one. To enter "Service Guide", go to the website By the way, pre-set the password by calling the customer service of the company.