To become a participant of the program of MTS the bonus, you must fill out a form on the website of the mobile operator ( Registration in the program free. After that you will get to your bonus balance is 150 points. Next, confirm your email address and you will receive 10 points. Enter your date of birth to this day to get 100 extra bonus points.
To use points it is possible to acquire free minutes. To activate the packages of "50 minutes on MTS", "100 minutes for MTS" and "300 minutes of calls to MTS, your phone will run the following query: *707*11# - 50 minutes (worth 40 points), *707*12# - 100 minutes (cost 60 points) *707*13# - 300 minutes (120 points). The validity of this service is 30 days. Also can activate 25, 50 and 100 minutes for calls to mobile numbers of other operators. Accordingly, use the following ussd from your phone: *707*21#, *707*22#, *707*23#.
You can purchase a package of free sms. Use the ussd request to *707*41# to get 25 free messages, *707*42# for 50 free messages, *707*43# - to 100 free sms.
Enter from your mobile phone query *707*51#, *707*52# or *707*53# to get 10, 25 or 50 free MMS messages.
Ussd request format *707*31#, *707*32# or *707*33# respectively, allow you to purchase 50, 100, or 50 mb of free Internet traffic.
In addition, using MTS bonus, you can download games, music and install instead of the standard signal of your mobile different ringtones and songs.