A good night's sleep. Before the need to sleep well. At night you can take Valerian or put under the tongue 2 pills glycine. But it can be done only if you have no contraindications to these drugs. Abuse soothing is also not necessary, as they slow down the reaction and affect the brain's ability to process information.
Need to get up early to the morning did not have to rush. Also in the evening it is better to develop several routes in the event of force majeure.
A very important internal attitude. You must understand that even the worst result will not be fatal for you. Even if it happens, just believe that everything that is done, is done for the best. The calmer you are, the more confident will be your speech.
To speech you need to prepare well, but do not need to memorize the speech to detail, focusing on the anticipated reaction of the interlocutors. This technique is bad because the slightest deviation in the direction of completely bring you down.
If in the exam there is a queue, you do not need to go closer to the end. The more expectations, the more difficult it is psychologically. Better try to go to be one of the first.
Tune in to the dialogue. Behave correctly and politely. Make a plan. The plan should be written large and clear, so you are poking around in their records.