Before going to the interview prepare answers to common questions asked by the recruiter. And you will feel more prepared and thereby reduce nervousness. You can read on the Internet a list of frequently asked interview questions. Also, ask your friends or family members to lose the interview is by role - one that acts as an employer, another candidate for the position.
To combat nervousness is better to abandon the use of antidepressant or stress pill. Although these drugs are used for medical purposes, their side effects, some of which occur quickly can cause confusion, sleepiness and makes it harder to focus on the interview. It is also desirable to consume coffee and other drinks containing caffeine before an important meeting. Too large doses of caffeine leads to nervousness, which may further worsen the situation. Instead, drink some herbal tea. Herbal tea soothes will help to focus and muscles to relax. It is best to choose tea with lemon, orange or soft green tea.
Take a few deep breaths to increase the oxygen flow in the body and regulate the breath. Inhale for a count of four, then exhale. Repeat several times until you begin to feel more relaxed and confident.
Engaged for some time activities that can relax you, for example, read, or play video games, listen to music. This will help you to be distracted and to lose the excitement before the upcoming job interview, and also raise the spirits. Or meditate. Even if you are a lover of meditation, simply repeat a calming word or phrase again and again in order to relax and relieve stress.
You can chew chewing gum with mint flavor. Thanks to the natural calming effect of peppermint, you take off your excitement for a few minutes (just remember to spit it directly before the interview). Mints also work well. But it is better to choose candy that does not contain sugar, which only increases anxiety.