Be aware of what causes your fear. They can be a lot. Try the following exercise: recall your previous statement, focus on the sounds, the details, feel the changes in your body. Think about who and what has caused your anxiety: with himself or with the audience. Further work build on the areas that cause you problems.
First of all, focus on the fact that for the errors you will not be dismissed from work and not go to jail, assuming that it is the worst.
Make a plan, logically constructed and well-reasoned. In its drafting, and this is the basis of your speech, you must perform literary sources, to choose three or four and examine them carefully. During the reading it is necessary to make the statements on the pages indicated.Find in the literature the General provisions and the fact that they differ, note this in the plan. Well, if it's a detailed plan.
Imagine one of the listeners put in its place yourself and think about what he expects from your lecture, what is needed and what will be interested. Review your plan with his position: what would be incomprehensible, uninteresting, and that may not be enough.
Consider the needs of your listeners, it helps to establish productive interaction.
It is better if the text of the speech will consist of logical block diagrams. Main ideas highlight, arrange on numbered cards are small in size.
You should not just understand the statement to "lecture". During his speech need to make eye contact. This will help to keep the attention of listeners to monitor the reaction to your words. Then you will have the opportunity to dwell and get feedback.
Before the speech, try to do the visualization. Imagine in detail your perfect speech: how it will look, what to say, how to conduct an audience. The script must be built in a positive way. Try to feel joy and satisfaction from well done work.
Think that can cause issues and special interest of the audience. If you are using some terminology, prepare the dictionary and try to translate difficult concepts into more simple language. A wise man said that "the talent of a true professional is that he can explain complex simple."
Consider how intonation can beautify your speech. Use your strong sides: intelligence, sense of humor, erudition. The manner of performance, choose a comfortable for the audience. The tone of "know-all" can be annoying to listeners. During the performances you can ask questions that will activate the listeners attention, if you stop to listen: "do You agree with me?" "You add something you want?". Very effective technique of using interesting examples, jokes.
Take care of your appearance. Tousled lecturer with circles under the eyes after a sleepless night, in wrinkled clothes will only cause pity. Clothing should be comfortable, neat, preferably in a classic style. Makeup women should be natural and soft. When choosing jewelry, keep in mind the income level of your audience and social status.
If before the performance you felt the excitement, walk 5 minutes, walk fast.
During the performance, wait a minute, straight arms at your sides, feel how the voltage is "leaking" into the floor, lifting with this brush.
A well-proven technique – deep breathing. Breathed a few minutes, you will feel like your body is "refreshed" and relaxed.
Logical, beautifully constructed speech comes with experience. Use every opportunity to participate in various activities. And your preparation, kindness and naturalness will be the key to your successful performance.