You will need
  • Speech recorded on paper.
Carefully and responsibly prepare a speech. Write it down on paper so as not to miss the most important. It is better to prepare the text in advance, to be able to reread and correct it. It should be simple, understandable and interesting. Try to use vivid adjectives and quotes to get people interested.
Now start the fight with his fear. First and foremost, realize that even if the statement fails, with you nothing bad will happen. You will not kill, not maim, not fired, not bombarded with eggs. Therefore, to be afraid of absolutely nothing.
Remember, to err is human. And even if you say something wrong, the loyal audience would react to this. To avoid this minor embarrassment, learn the speech by heart.
Think how much benefits will give you this performance. Set a specific goal. For example, you will compete to win the election. Or your speech will help to implement your idea. If global targets are found, think about what it will take to overcome your fear.
Do not think that this public performance. Let this be just another task to be executed. Keep it simple.
Before the event, don't forget to freshen up. It will make you more confident, and more loyal the audience. Brush your hair, fix your makeup, iron clothes, remove dust from shoes.
Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or in front of relatives. To make it better several times. You have to understand how simple it is. Not only speak it, but also consider posture, gestures, to make your performance look natural.
When you will be in front of an audience, imagine that you are asleep and dreaming that you can manage. It will solve most of your problems. Because you will start to feel more relaxed and simple. No audience, no stage, is simply a dream in which you are the main. As you want, so be it. You will be able to perform brilliantly, to convince people of the correctness. Such simple auto-training will help you to relax, become more confident in their abilities.