Even though hiccup looks funny, it's very unpleasant and of course, any hiccuping want as quickly as possible to stop this tick. How to stop hiccups? Here are the most famous and easy ways:

1. The most famous method is the sudden fright, but, in my opinion, it is ineffective.

2. No less famous way to drink water. Drink is in small SIPS, slowly. You can find this advice - drink water from the opposite edge of the glass.

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3. It is believed that contribute to the cessation of hiccups can eaten a piece of lemon. Other sour or bitter foods and drinks.

4. If a hiccup occurs as a reaction to stress, is distracted, lie down, or sit in a comfortable position to relax.

5. Say that the doctor of the US President Kennedy was advised to stop hiccups is to hold tongue, lightly pulling the tip. Another variant of the same method of getting rid of hiccups is to sit for a while with protruding tongue (tongue should be tense).

6. From hiccups helps the breath, breathe more air and don't breathe as much as you can without discomfort. A variant of this method of getting rid of hiccups is to force yourself to inhale and exhale in slow motion, with intervals.

7. If hiccups arise often and there is no disease which caused it, try drinking soothing infusions or herbal teas (Valerian, motherwort) in a week or two.

8. Hippocrates for fighting with a bout of hiccups recommended to sneeze, sniffing pepper.

9. Interlock hands behind the back in the lock and try to break it. Also suitable for slow sipping, like after sleep.

10. Breathe into a small paper bag, as do the panicked passengers of the Airliners in American movies.

Как быстро перестать икать?

Useful tip: if hiccups arise several times a day or at least several times a week, is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the chest, heartburn, etc., you should definitely go to the doctor! In this case, hiccups can be a symptom of a serious disease!