Hiccups are quite common in life and it is commonplace. But if it is bothering you too often, you should immediately consult a doctor. Most people have hiccups usually lasts about a few minutes.

Surprisingly, its immediate cause has not been established. According to some, it can be concluded that we hiccup because of the fact that:

-quickly eat;

-ingest large amounts of air;

-very quick drink;

-nervous or worried;

-have neurological problems;

-consume alcohol;

-body temperature rises;

-there is a sharp awakening.

And here are some popular ways that will help to quickly get rid of this strange phenomenon:

-Holding the nose to drink at least 10-20 SIPS of water.

-Swallow 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar.

-Slowly chewing a dry piece of bread.

Gradually eat a slice of lemon.

-Peanut butter can also help. Thanks to its ductility, you will immediately cease to hiccup.

-Hold breath for 10 seconds.

-Breathe into a paper bag.

-Drink pineapple juice. -Lean forward and push chest - helps some.

-To clean the respiratory tract, suitable for water or juice.

-Cough or canite.

-Take a hot shower.

-Chew gum.

-Apply ice to both sides of the throat.

If hiccups lasts too long, it may be the first sign that it's time to see a specialist.