You will need
  • - Computer with Windows 10 on Board.
Startup control panel. Go to "Hardware and sound" -> "power supply". (You can make it easier - right-click on the icon "start menu" and in the opened menu, select "power Control").
Click the left menu "Actions power buttons".
Custom power settings
At the bottom, under "shutdown Settings", there should be a "hibernate". If it is not, as in this screenshot, then close the window and proceed to the next step.
The shutdown options in Windows 10
Run in administrator console: right-click on the icon "start menu" and in the opened menu, select "Command prompt (admin)". In the next window, enter: "powercfg -h on", enter. If no messages appeared, so hibernation mode has been activated successfully. Close the console.
Enable hibernate in Windows 10
Again, go to power management, in the section "shutdown Settings". Should see the "hibernate Mode", but at the moment it is not yet active.
Hibernate is enabled, but not activated
To activate hibernate mode, click on the link "Change settings that are currently unavailable".
Activate hibernation in Windows 10
The buttons at the bottom are now active, including "hibernation Mode". Put a check next to hibernate and click "Save changes".
Activate hibernation in Windows 10
Now the hibernate mode in Windows 10 is included and activated, he appeared in the settings turn off computer in the start menu.
Hibernate mode in Windows 10 included