Rolls "Philadelphia"

For this dish you will need the following ingredients: salmon or salmon, cheese Philadelphia, lettuce, flying fish ROE. First, you'll need to take a sheet of rice paper and soak it in water. After the paper will become soft, put on it the filling: salmon (salmon), lettuce, cheese. Fold the edges and carefully wrap in rice paper. Cut into small pieces.

Rolls "Dzitaku Maki

To create this snack, you will need smoked eel, avocado, crab, sesame seeds, nori and rice. To start, slice the avocado and eel. It is required for filling. Uramaki roll of nori, rice, eel and avocado. Don't forget to decorate with sesame seeds. Cut into several pieces and place on a platter.

Rolls "Rising sun"

For this snack you will need shrimp, cucumber, caviar, cheese, nori and rice. Slice the cucumber for the filling, into strips or thin strips. Twist the roll out of cheese, nori, shrimp and caviar. Cut the cooked dish into pieces and serve chilled.

Rolls Banana Maki

Ingredients for this roll will be smoked salmon, banana, cheese, sesame, nori and rice. Slice salmon and a banana is oblong strips for the filling. Twist ormake nori rolls, cheese, bananas, eggs and rice. On top garnish with sesame seeds.

Rolls "The Agent 007"

You will need crab, Japanese mayonnaise, avocado, shrimp, nori and rice. Slice avocado for the filling. Make shrimp as decoration. Twist hurmaci of nori, rice, crab, avocado and mayonnaise. Then put the shrimp. Cover roll with foil and cut into pieces. To bring to the table should be chilled.