You will need
    • figure
    • rice vinegar
    • sugar
    • salt
    • sheets nori seaweed
    • bamboo Mat
    • ingredients for the filling (tuna
    • salmon
    • shrimp
    • avocado, etc.).
    • For the mixture for baking:
    • mayonnaise
    • small caviar
    • ketchup.
Rinse the rice. Fill it with water and begin gently to stir. When the water become cloudy, drain it. Press the rice gently. Rinse it another two or three times until the water becomes clear, and give him a little dry.
Place the rice in a deep bowl and cover with water. One Cup of rice you need 250 ml of water. Bring it to a boil on maximum heat. Then during the 12 minute simmer. After the water boil, remove the pan from the heat and allow the rice to stand for approximately 15 minutes.
Prepare the filling for rice. Take rice vinegar (approximately 25 g per Cup of rice). Mix it with 15 grams of sugar and 5 g salt. Stir the vinegar until the salt and sugar is completely dissolved. To make this happen faster, it can be a bit warm.
The hot rice will lay out an even layer in the pan in which you mix. Add the filling and begin to mix. Do this carefully so as not to compromise the integrity of the beans. Better to do the cutting, not stirring motion. First, move the rice to one side of the dishes, and then back again. When it is well soaked dressing, align it and cover with a paper towel or towel.
Prepare the stuffing. Cut thin strips of those ingredients that will be used. For example, fish, avocado. Shrimp can not be cut, if they are small. You can also roll to use a mild Japanese Mayo and cheese. Also prepare a mixture, which then decorate the rolls, and which will create a beautiful crust when baking. For example, you can mix the mayonnaise with flying fish ROE (or replace it with any other small eggs). To this mixture, add a little ketchup.
Take a sheet of nori seaweed and place it smooth side on a bamboo Mat. All the ingredients spread on the rough side. Moisten hands with vinegar, take some rice and put an even layer on the nori. Thus the top and bottom edges of the seaweed Express free, about 1 cm Put the filling closer to the top edge. You can use any one filling, and can combine the ingredients.
Thumbs put under the rug, and the rest hold the filling. Gently to wind it down. When the top edge of the nori touches the bottom, the top edge of the Mat fold up, and roll roll on the Mat, unable to squeeze his little hands that the edges are tightly stuck to each other. Take a sharp knife and soak it in rice vinegar. Cut the roll in half and then each half for another few parts.
Place prepared rolls on a baking sheet or ovenproof plate, cover with the mixture for baking and place in oven for 7 minutes, until a Golden crust. Baked rolls ready.