Make rolls – view land, prepare all necessary

In many supermarkets on the same shelf are the required items to create the dishes of Japanese-Chinese cuisine. In addition to the small Mat, chopsticks, soy sauce, rice water. If it will not be able to buy, then you can do without this ingredient.

What you need to buy and in what quantities to measure, to prepare the rolls:

- 1 Cup of rice krugloozernoe;
- 5 sheets nori;
200 g salted red fish;
- 4 tablespoons rice vinegar;
- 2 fresh cucumber medium size;
- 150 g cream cheese.


- wasabi;
- soy sauce;
- pickled ginger.

If possible, then buy a special rice for sushi. If not, you can use any kruglozerny (parboiled, long will not work), it has good stickiness.

Step-by-step cooking process

Put 1200 ml of water in a saucepan on the gas. When it boils, add washed rice. With the lid closed boil it on low heat for 16 minutes. Turn off the gas, let the rice cook 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the remaining ingredients. With cucumbers remove the skin and slice them into long thin strips, cross-section of approximately 0.5 x 0.5 cm.

Fish meat separate from the skin, chop is almost the same as cucumbers, but let the slices will be a cross section of 1 × 1 cm. cut Cheese as well as fish.

Slightly warm rice, add rice water. In a pinch you can make the rolls without it. In a separate bowl pour in the water. It will need to moisten hands so that they did not stick figure.

On a bamboo Mat lay the plastic wrap. On top of a sheet of seaweed, shiny side down. If you are not using the whole package, after making rolls put it in the bag and close it well. In this form, nori sheets will lie until the next time and not wither.

Moisten hands in water, take the rice and spread it on the nori with a layer of 1 cm. Press with the hands. On the edge near him, put the stuffing – fish, cucumber, cheese. Take the edge of the Mat and tightly roll it into a roll.

A very sharp knife slice the roll into serving pieces.

On the Mat pour the sesame seeds and they put the rice. Then nori, in the form – filling. Wrap the same way. Put these 2 rolls on a dish, place in the center of a bowl with soy sauce, put the ginger and a little wasabi.

You can make sushi at home Philadelphia. For this, the filling is added avocado, and the fish is cut into thin slices and laid on a Mat. On her rice and then nori and filling.