Best time for collection is morning and day, from 8-9 to 16-17 hours. I do not advise to collect plants next to highway with heavy traffic, Railways. Grass damaged by the pests, the spots are also not suitable.
A few words about drying. From the fact, whether it is produced, depends on the quality of raw materials. Medicinal plants dried in a well ventilated area. And in clear weather, dried in the open air. Roots, fruits and seeds is recommended to dry in the sun. Leaves, flowers, stems, and roots and rhizomes of plants, which is composed of essential oils and glycosides, it is recommended to protect from direct sunlight.
In inclement weather, you can use special dryers or conventional ovens, ovens. It is important to monitor the temperature. The oven should be preheated and then make the minimum fire and open up the door to provide air flow. Raw materials it is recommended to periodically stir.
Buds dry in a cool, well-ventilated room, as the warmth they start to blossom.
The well dried roots, rhizomes, bark when bent, do not bend, and with a Bang
break the leaves and flowers pounded into a powder, and the fruits break up into several parts.
Often medicinal plants are used in the form of decoctions and infusions.
How to cook the broth? The crushed raw materials put in an enamel bowl, pour a glass hot boiled water, close lid and heat on a water bath for half an hour, then let cool, wring out the remaining raw materials, bring the volume of the resulting broth to two hundred milliliters, topping boiled water.
The infusion can be prepared the same way, but heated in a water bath it should only 15 minutes. You can just pour the raw materials with boiling water and let it brew under the lid.
Keep medicinal plants in cardboard boxes, paper bags or cloth bags in a dry dark place. Herbs that contain essential oils and other volatile substances in tightly sealed glass jars.