Advice 1: When to harvest raspberry leaves and black currant tea

Herbal teas based on raspberry leaf and black currant in Russia drank a long time not only as a fragrant warming beverage, but also as infusions with medicinal properties. But, as with any medication, this tea must be prepared properly not only time to collect leaves, but also dry them and brew them so that all the beneficial properties have been preserved.
When to harvest raspberry leaves and black currant tea

The healing properties of leaves of raspberry and currant

The raspberry leaves contain a lot of tannins, they have a slight hemostatic effect, therefore infusion of them to treat inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and diarrhea. Tea and infusions of raspberry leaf have a strengthening effect on the gums, clean the blood, they are used in gastro-intestinal diseases and rashes on the skin. Vitamin C, which is contained in the leaves of the raspberry, for treating colds.

Tea raspberry leaf is especially beneficial during pregnancy – it strengthens the walls of the uterus, preventing miscarriages, and beneficial effect on all the functions of the reproductive system. They have a lot of magnesium, potassium, iron and b vitamins, these substances have a complex effect, eliminates nausea in the toxicity, pain in the legs and giving a peaceful and deep sleep.

Currants, their buds and leaves are also rich in vitamin C, they contain essential oils and phytoncides that gives them a unique distinctive flavor. They also have a rare vitamin P, contains potassium. Leaves of currant in the form of infusions and teas are consumed as a General tonic, they also have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and painkiller effects. In addition, they contain substances that protect from pneumonia.

How to collect and dry the leaves of currant and raspberry

The maximum amount of vitamins and other nutrients in the leaves of raspberry, currant contains in flowering plants, to collect and dry their best at this time. But if you don't have time to pluck the Mature leaves that are rich green color, in June, choosing a leaf plate, is not affected by fungus or rust, from which the blackcurrant suffers from quite often. Collect the leaves in dry weather, after they will evaporate the morning dew.
To enhance the healing properties of tea from the leaves of black currant and raspberry, drink it with lemon and honey or milk and honey.

To your teas with leaves of raspberry and currants are preserved in their natural flavor and no taste of hay, the raw material must be dried correctly so that the leaves were fermented as a true black tea. Podwale leaves, arranging them on a day in a dry shaded place, a layer of 5 cm Periodically stir up the leaves to podelilis they are not only at the edges.
Keep dry-fermented tea from the leaves of raspberry and currant in a special container with a glass lid.

The next day, collect the leaves in stacks of 8-10 pieces and roll them sausages by rolling between your palms. During this procedure needs to extract juice, the leaves darken. Put these twisted sausages leaves in layers in a deep enamel bowl, cover it with wet clean cloth and leave in a warm place for 6-12 hours. The warmer, the fermentation will be faster. The willingness of the leaves and the end of the fermentation process is checked at the aroma emitted by the leaves – the smell of grass disappears, and there is a pronounced aroma of flowers and fruits. After this the leaves should be cut and arrange on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Put them in the oven and dry at 100 ° C for one hour.

Advice 2 : How to dry black currants

To dry black currants for the winter is a great way to preserve a lot of vitamins and minerals during the autumn and winter colds and very economical. Should follow a few simple rules to inexpensively boost your energy berries.
How to dry black currants

Preparing currants for sasuske

Black currant berries before zasoski should be collected in Sunny and dry weather. The harvest you want to sort: small and unripe to weed out, leaving only the ripe, large, deep black color. Then the berries wash, dry and spread on trays in thin, smooth layer. If the tray is made of metal, you must first lay a layer of paper (for baking).

Methods of drying of black currant

On the tray of berries drying in the open air (fit and ventilated balcony, and the attic of the house) for two days. During this time the fruits podvyalivayut. In any case it is impossible to dry berries in the sun, after all, valuable substances will disintegrate, especially vitamin C, which is so rich in black currants. After podvyalivaniya currants to put in the oven and finally dried at a temperature not above 50 degrees. This method of zasoski call combined.

It is possible to dry the currants, and once in the oven. For this first maintained at a temperature of 50-60 degrees, and then gradually increase the temperature to 80 degrees. At the final stage of zasoski need to be especially careful, again lowering the temperature: the moisture from the berries evaporates slowly, because of this fruit can burn. To berries are not worn out, keep the oven door slightly ajar.

To dry currants and help a special home units for drying

A microwave will also do the task. Small portions of berries should be spread on a dish between layers of cotton fabric and dried for 2 minutes in 200W mode.

How to store dried currants

If all stages of the drying is done correctly, then compressed in the palm berries should not extract the juice. In this ready condition, they need to be placed in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Keep such storage capacity is recommended in a dry place, away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

How to use dried berries

The berries are dried, laid out on the banks and waiting in the wings. What you can do with them when the hour arrived? One option is to just eat a little at a time being charged with vitamins. The second option is to add tea. Even the leaves of black currant are able to give the tea a unique taste and aroma, and berries. If the hostess loves to do cakes, the berries will go to any sweet pie. Only need to pre-soak them in clean water. Dried berries of currant are useful not only to people but also Pets in the form of tea or powder.
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