Different goals – different herbs

In the winter tea for a warming effect is added to the thyme. This plant is easily found in woods and dry for the future. However, thyme is able not only warm, it is also used to stimulate brain activity and prevention of thrombosis. Valuable that the plant has no contraindications, this herbal tea can be given even to young children.

Mint leaves added to your tea as fresh and dried. In addition to a pleasant taste and a refreshing feeling of mint tea is useful for digestion, relieves headaches and normalizes blood pressure. Allergy sufferers should have the useful habit of drinking mint tea — essential oil composition of plants is successfully fighting this disease.

The herb lemon balm has a pleasant lemon taste and the property to calm the nerves. Tea with lemon balm stimulates the appetite and dispels melancholy, struggling with increased anxiety and insomnia.

St. John's wort grows in almost every forest is unique for its healing properties of the herb, in addition, also very pleasant to the taste. The herb St. John's wort gives the drink its bitterness and aroma, decoctions of this plant to treat depression, arthritis, liver disease and blood. Has a diuretic and choleretic effect. The active substance of the plant increase the photosensitivity to not have allergies should avoid active sun.

Oregano herb collected in the flowering period. To keep in inflorescences essential oil is useful to dry the grass in the shade you need when the temperature is above 20 degrees. Add in the oregano tea for colds and rheumatism, and just for a pleasant scent.

The leaves and the grass and sage are harvested, dried and then added to tea for bronchitis and inflammation of the throat. This plant was known to the ancient Romans and was called the "Greek tea". The herb has astringent and antibacterial properties, has an intense bitter taste.

The rules of gathering and storing herbs for tea

To collect herbs for tea in a dry, Sunny weather, making sure the dew has dried completely. It is desirable to cut off the young shoots with fully opened flowers and fresh leaves.

Linden flowers are harvested in the period of mass flowering, Jasmine petals and rose hips cut with fully opened buds.

Dry grass in a well-ventilated place in the shade to dry. Periodically, you need to stir the raw material to avoid rotting. Without regret, discarding the blackened stems, they are not suitable for adding to herbal tea.

Dried herbs stored in a glass container, paper bags or canvas bags. Herbs with a strong aroma are kept separately from other fees.