If the kitten, which appeared in your home is of no value as a purebred producer, it reaches 7-8 months, you should think about his castration. It is not only in the fact that 9 of the 10 non-castrated cats of Mature age begin everywhere to leave foul-smelling markers. In addition to this, the cat may simply run away from home in search of females, and on the street anything can happen – attacked by dogs, hit by a car, so who knows what else. So if you want the pet has lived in your house a long and happy life, it is better to castrate him upon reaching adulthood.

нужно начинать кормить кастрированного кота кормом для кастртрованных котов

The behavior of the cat directly after castration

подготовка к кастрации кота

First of all, please note that the body temperature of the animal after castration is reduced by a few degrees, which is a consequence of the anesthesia. The cat needs to be warm, so bring it home, carefully wrapped in a warm blanket. Already on arrival home a pet it is best to lay on the floor near a radiator or other safe heat source.

Как кормить кошку после стерилизации

When the effect of anesthesia begins to pass, the cat gradually comes to life. At first, he barely moves, then crawling, and finally trying to get back on their feet. For some time after castration coordination of the animal is severely disturbed, so follow him. The cat may fall or injury, therefore, restrict his movement and quiet the animal.

проходит стерилизация кошек

Can I give cat after 4-5 hours after the surgery. As for feeding, then surely the cat will throw up if he will be there on the day of surgery. So do not give the cat food before the next day.

Зачем кастрировать котов

The life of a cat after castration

The absolute majority of cats after castration become more affectionate and playful. In some cases, the cat may gain weight, so maybe the owner of the cat will have to take more responsibility for the diet of the animal.

The life of a neutered cat is no worse than the tribal life of the animal, on the contrary, timely castration solves a lot of problems and facilitates the cohabitation of the cat and its owners.