Why castration?

можно ли кормить сырым мясом кастрированного кота

Buying a cute and fluffy kitten, people rarely remember that it will turn into an adult cat in the Prime of puberty, and not thinking about castration. This operation is one of the most sought after in veterinary practice. This is a surgical procedure that removes the sex glands of an animal, resulting in the body of a cat reduces the amount of sex hormones, and a natural desire to continue the posterity is lost. Castration is not needed in that case, if the cat let out for a walk outside the house or apartment.

The main reason why most pet owners make it castration, is to get rid of many problems related to puberty pet, which contains only at home. 8-12 months the cat finally Matures and his body begins to ask for the satisfaction of natural needs. This is manifested in aggressiveness, recently affectionate and cute kitty begins to jump on people, biting and clawing. Unsatisfied desire makes cats often meow loudly, and even yelling, sometimes late at night, not allowing to sleep in their owners. The increased level of hormones causes them to refuse food, in result animals lose their hair, lose weight and look unhealthy.

Unneutered cats begin to mark territory with their urine: they did not miss any one corner, spoil your favorite things and leave a strong unpleasant odor, which is not easy to get rid of.

Not all cats behave during a sexual maturity, some level of hormones is less and less pronounced temperament.

Cats after castration

как подготовить кота к стрижке

Castration eliminates all these problems and make the life of the owner of the cat is calm and pleasant. But the main reason you should do this operation, it is benefit for the animal. Many refuse to castration because of pity and unwillingness to deprive the pet of fun. They call this operation a mockery of the animals, not realizing that in fact bullying is to make the adult cat without the cat. This can not only lead to nervousness, exhaustion and problems with appearance, but more serious diseases – tumors of the prostate, prostatitis, adenoma of perianal glands.

Sometimes a cat jumping from the Windows of upstairs apartments to find the cat.

In animals there is no concept of "sex for pleasure", they are guided only by the instinct of procreation. Castration eliminates this instinct and does not affect other abilities of the cat: well, he continues to hunt, keeps a playful, lives life to the full, rarely picks up infectious diseases and more attached to owners. And most importantly, neutered cats live much longer and have a more enjoyable character.