Surprise can serve not only voskliknula out of the darkness happy friends and colleagues, but also they can be an exclusive gift, an unusual word or sentence, meeting, gesture and more.
If you decide to make a surprise as a gift, then be sure to prepare yourself and think about everything in advance. The gift should be individual, not worth buying things of universal use (for example, the mother on the birthday of pan or cloth). To react violently, people will be able to the thing related to his interests and Hobbies. Now interesting can make even ordinary things, like a Cup, having made it with a photo of the future owner. But if you into his extraordinary gift will add a festive scenario, it is guaranteed success in the production of surprise.
Surprises can be not just gifts, but also actions. Greetings in the form lined with candles or a bouquet of balloons. In addition, these small paper balloons with the base of the burner, called by the Chinese "sky lanterns", also good. When the ball is heated, it rises and becomes flying and twinkling. Fantasize and write on it with a marker a wish or a confession. Especially it will be remembered, if you release a bunch of these lanterns into the night sky.
To collect all guests and colleagues - it's standard. Try a day of surprise to stand out and make an impression with their speech, for example, sing a song or read a poem. Even pre-worded compliment, or a toast from the heart may be the culmination of your surprise.