You will need
  • Wedding suits, wedding set, wedding candles, wedding rings, icons of the Saviour and the virgin.
Select a suitable wedding date. There are canons of the Russian Orthodox Church, according to which not every day is suitable for this rite. You can't get married on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, during lent, Easter week, Christmas time. If you are not familiar with the Church calendar, ask them to help you in any Church bookstore or Church.
Select the temple. The wedding is paid the rite, and the cost of each Church's discretion. In addition, each Church has its own rules (the duration of the rite, the possibility or impossibility of shooting, place of accommodation etc.) please Check all the details from Church leaders.
Select the priest for the wedding. As a rule, it becomes one of the Ministers chosen of the temple. But sometimes allowed to have a ceremony of spiritual father of the newlyweds.
Pick up the wedding suits. They must be chaste and modest. The bride's dress is traditionally white.
Prepare wedding set. You can buy it in the Church shop or build it yourself. It includes handkerchiefs for the bride and groom handkerchiefs for candles, towel feet. The need for wedding candles, wedding rings, icons of the Saviour and the virgin.
Take care of technical aspects. To hold crowns over the heads of the bride and groom is quite difficult. First, they are quite heavy. Secondly, it is necessary to keep for a long time. Therefore, in any case, do not lay this duty upon the witness. The crowns should keep baptized men.
Go through the preparatory rites – confession and communion. Before confession required a three day fast. To during the rite did not have any difficulties, please ask a priest or read the relevant literature. On the eve of the wedding refrain from sex.