You will need
  • fruit
  • a sharp knife
  • dessert plates
  • dessert Cutlery
  • paper napkins
Choose fruit of the respective season. The storage they lose their taste and nutritional properties, and grown in greenhouses – often they do not possess originally. In late spring – early summer a great treat will cherries and strawberries in the middle of summer, ripe apricots and peaches, in the early autumn to the table will suit melons, watermelons, apples, pears, and winter is citrus time. The closer from the point of sale the fruit was gathered, the better.
Vase with whole fruits can be put not far from the guests on the serving table from the start of the holiday. It will be a bright decoration of the interior. Do not have to use traditional vessels. Vase for fruit can be a large watermelon. For this purpose it is cut in half and remove the pulp. Carved edges make, for example, teeth. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can leave arc-shaped, the handle of the peel.
Instead of or along with dessert is served already sliced fruit. The table should serve dessert plates and devices, including a spoon to remove the seeds. Bananas are cleaned and cut slices. A pineapple cut off the top and bottom, remove the peel and cut it circles, polukruzhochkami or cubes. Oranges served in slices or purified, separated into cloves, as well as tangerines. Apples and pears cut into slices and remove their core. Melons and watermelons, cleaning peeled, cut in large cubes. Serve strawberries without stalks, and the cherries to remove branches is not necessary. The grapes should be divided into small grodecki, which is convenient to take. Kiwi decided not to clean up, simply cut in half, to eat the flesh with a spoon.
Fruit can make the salad and serve in individual dessert bowls. Rules for cooking salad ingredients must be of the same size. If your salad includes grapes, cut remaining fruit slices the size of a grape. Fill the fruit salad you juice, garnish with scoop of ice cream, a cap of whipped cream or a sprig of mint.
Don't forget to put on the table paper cloth.