The preparation of fruit. Be careful selection of fruit. Be sure to inspect the surface, to avoid damage to the skin. The fruit should be soft and not too ripe, and supple, otherwise they will not keep shape. Fruit slicing is not prepared in advance, as they may darken and lose view. Even sliced before guests arrive fruit can slightly darken due to the interaction with oxygen. To prevent this, sprinkle the fruit with lemon juice. Before you cut the fruit, carefully try them to the touch.
Fruit slasher. A more aesthetically pleasing look thinly sliced fruit. This can only be done well sharpened knife. However, the knives tupyatsya on fruit peel, so if you don't want to waste time on extra sharpening, the cutting process prepare some sharp knives. With a knife you can cut fruit into slices, cubes or circles. So if you want more originality, then use special shaped float designed for carving. With their help, you can cut the unusual shape of the fruit. Do not slice all the fruits, they can always finish off and add to the dish.
Making sliced fruit on a platter. Lay the dried fruit as you like. Making fruit cut is a huge field for your imagination. Can just beautifully put different fruits in small sectors and can lay out a beautiful figure, for example, a palm tree, the trunk of which is laid out slices of banana, leaves – kiwi, and the sand at the roots – from the Mandarin slices. But if the dish is of sufficient magnitude, using fruit of different colors, you can lay out the real picture. Leave it on the fruit rind, this will help ensure that they maintain long presentation. Use additional decoration in the design. Look great and enhance the taste, candied fruits, nuts, especially walnuts, various dried fruits.