Narutonaruto fruit rings and place on a flat dish. The first layer let go of the ring of oranges. They lay rings of kiwi, and the top slices of bananas. The middle of the composition garnish with berries – cranberries, blueberries, currants, strawberries or raspberries.
Fruit will wasawesome a large shallow vase on a stem or decorative basket and fill it with apples, plums, bananas and other delicacies. The main rule here – the fruit should be close to the one climatic zone and the same season. That is, the proximity of pineapple and, say, apples Granny Smith, as well as strawberries and grapes are not welcome. Example. Put the red and Golden autumn fruits: apples, pears. Decorate a composition of beautiful bunches of white and black grapes (preferably pitted). Now serve this delicious still life to the table. Guests will be in awe.
Fruit salycilate long wooden skewers. Cut fruit in small pieces about the same size and thread on the skewers in random order. Now lay a kind of kebabs on a dish, arranging them like a fan, and serve. Even more impressive look fruit skewers, put in high vase. Get a kind of sweet bouquet.
Will flamewave guests with a fire show. Chop the fruit slices and place them on a metal dish. To plombirovaniya turned out the thinnest crispy crust, sprinkle bananas, apples, berries and sugar powder. Pour in Turku or normal ladle cognac or brandy preheat and then ignite. Pour the liquid burning on the fruit and the applause of the guests make the flaming dish into the room. Do not forget before serving, turn off the light!
Salad desertpeace guests a bowl of fruit salad consisting of finely chopped citrus, bananas, apples and the like, seasoned with honey, yoghurt, sweet sauce. A classic fruit salad genre is strawberries and cream.
Fundaustral tea fruit fondue. Nicely put in a few vases apples, bananas, cut small slices and strawberries and grapes. In a ceramic fondue pot, heat 150 ml of cream. Then the mangled pieces of 250 grams of chocolate and melt it in cream. You can add the chocolate mix 1 tablespoon of cognac. Give the guests a fondue fork and ask them to prepare a dessert, impaling on a fork pieces of fruit dipped in chocolate. By the way, fresh fruit instead of canned can be submitted (e.g., pineapple), as well as pancakes, slices of sponge cake.