Advice 1: What kind of fruit combine in salads

Fruit salads are very healthy, tasty and easy. They are eaten as a dessert or as a main dish. In the preparation of these salads need to consider some subtleties in the combination of fruit together.
What kind of fruit combine in salads

All fruits can be divided into several groups. The first of them will be "Sweet fruits". This group includes bananas, persimmons, dates, figs, all dried fruits. All sweet fruits are perfectly combined with each other (for example, bananas with figs), as well as poluchennymi fruit (for example, figs with plums).

The second group of "Polyessye fruit includes apricots, watermelons, melons, mango, apples, pears, cherries, grapes, plums, peaches, etc. in addition, these are the berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc. They go perfectly with each other (for example, apples with plums) and sour fruits (e.g. peaches and oranges).

The third group "Sour fruits" are almost all citrus: oranges, lemons, tangerines, kiwi, lime, grapefruit. In addition, this may also include sour apples, berries - cranberries, blackberries, currants. Acidic fruits blend well with each other in small amounts, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Best fruits from the third group are combined with poluchennymi brothers (strawberries oranges, kiwi, apples, etc.).

A valid combination of fruit in salads along with nuts, cream, moderately starchy and starchy vegetables, various greens. Connecting them with other foods causes fermentation in the stomach.

To cook tasty and healthy fruit salad, it is not necessary to use a variety of ingredients, enough for 5-6 items. For example, for the preparation of salad "Tenderness" take one Apple, one orange, two kiwis, one banana, one tablespoon of sugar and whipped cream. Fruit peel, Apple cut into small strips, orange – small slices, banana and kiwi slices. Add the fruit sugar, mix thoroughly with them, from top to decorate whipped cream.

Advice 2: What kind of fruit to put on a children's holiday table

Children's festival is a sea of sweets and fruits. But not all fruits are equally beneficial for all children. Before you purchase a fruit basket, you should to learn the features of the party children, or to choose the neutral fruit that can be eaten by all.
What kind of fruit to put on a children's holiday table
Most often an allergic reaction can occur on the next group of fruit: kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruits. If any of the children have allergies to some fruit, is to completely abandon it. Select for a festive table those foods that you can eat everything.

The most useful fruit

The fruit is very tasty and nice presentation – guarantees success. The most useful are: bananas, apples, peaches and grapes. Apples contain a lot of iron, vitamin C and folic acid. Bananas aid digestion and will bring children's vitamins A and b, as well as magnesium and phosphorus. Grapes improves kidney and heart.

You should pay close attention to the fruit and in the case where the child is not very good eats. Look at the peaches. They increase appetite and improve digestion.

Properly apply

To cook and serve this healthy food can also be different. Some people prefer fruit in its raw form, and someone who likes a compote or baked option.

Children to obtain the maximum vitamins, it is not necessary to expose the fruit of a long heat treatment, as this will lower the benefit and minimizes the content of some vitamins.

The best option is to make small desserts and serve them on individual plates personalized. Recipes of interesting dishes from fruits of a great many. So, for example, you can combine apples, peaches and bananas and fruit salad, which is very well to fill natural yoghurt that will complement the beneficial properties of the fruit will improve the taste of food.

You can just cut the fruit in small slices, put on a dish and in the center put a little Swan made of halves of an Apple. Better yet, offer these swans each child. This looks useful mate Apple just awesome.

Skewers of fruit

For this dish you can use any fruit, such as pears, apples, peaches, plums or pineapple. By the way, there are successful and berries. Small wooden skewers will be very helpful.

To wear fruit on a stick is better, alternating between them. Also nice could be a combination of strawberry and pineapple. This dish can be additionally enriched with chocolate. If dip each piece in melted chocolate, then in addition to "super taste" is still a little surprise.

Remember, the food should be not only tasty, but also useful. The best option is eating the fruits raw. The alternative may be a steam bath or oven.

Advice 3: How to serve fruit

Vases of fruit adorned the tables even the Roman emperors. Berries, citrus fruit fruits refresh and give a charge of positive emotions and they fit perfectly with a variety of beverages. For example, liqueurs, sweet wines, champagne and cognac. Fruit table requires the proper serving to please the guests.
Fruit vase will be an attractive decoration
You will need
  • fruit
  • a sharp knife
  • dessert plates
  • dessert Cutlery
  • paper napkins
Choose fruit of the respective season. The storage they lose their taste and nutritional properties, and grown in greenhouses – often they do not possess originally. In late spring – early summer a great treat will cherries and strawberries in the middle of summer, ripe apricots and peaches, in the early autumn to the table will suit melons, watermelons, apples, pears, and winter is citrus time. The closer from the point of sale the fruit was gathered, the better.
Vase with whole fruits can be put not far from the guests on the serving table from the start of the holiday. It will be a bright decoration of the interior. Do not have to use traditional vessels. Vase for fruit can be a large watermelon. For this purpose it is cut in half and remove the pulp. Carved edges make, for example, teeth. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can leave arc-shaped, the handle of the peel.
Instead of or along with dessert is served already sliced fruit. The table should serve dessert plates and devices, including a spoon to remove the seeds. Bananas are cleaned and cut slices. A pineapple cut off the top and bottom, remove the peel and cut it circles, polukruzhochkami or cubes. Oranges served in slices or purified, separated into cloves, as well as tangerines. Apples and pears cut into slices and remove their core. Melons and watermelons, cleaning peeled, cut in large cubes. Serve strawberries without stalks, and the cherries to remove branches is not necessary. The grapes should be divided into small grodecki, which is convenient to take. Kiwi decided not to clean up, simply cut in half, to eat the flesh with a spoon.
Fruit can make the salad and serve in individual dessert bowls. Rules for cooking salad ingredients must be of the same size. If your salad includes grapes, cut remaining fruit slices the size of a grape. Fill the fruit salad you juice, garnish with scoop of ice cream, a cap of whipped cream or a sprig of mint.
Don't forget to put on the table paper cloth.
Avoid too exotic fruits. If you are not familiar with them, you can make a mistake in the maturity of the fruit. Besides, guests may discover an Allergy to the tropical treat.
Useful advice
The sharper the knife would be for cutting fruit, the less juice will flow out and less will wrinkle themselves fruit.
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