Vegetable cutting

To decorate Christmas table special vegetable cutting, should be cut into thick julienne celery, carrots, red and yellow sweet peppers, and to cook the cherry tomatoes and olives. Cucumber completely peeled by slicing it into thin strips, then cut diagonally vegetable thin plates. The dish lined with the lettuce, spread sectors olives and vegetable sticks, in the centre of the bowl put the bowl with sauce and decorate it with fresh curly parsley. To create slicing can be used as a special knife for carving, and conventional sharp knife with a narrow blade.

Great on the Christmas table will look vegetable cutting flowers, which are cut from radish, cucumber or tomatoes. For this you need to slice them thin long strips and carefully fold them into flowers and adorned them with black olives, sliced into rings. Also tomato can be cut large flower, place it in the center of dishes on a salad pillow and put it lapped around flower thin cucumber strips, folded like an accordion. Within each accordion stick a skewer or a sprig of greenery – in addition, cuts can be supplemented with tulips from plum tomatoes, top with incised zigzag.

Fruit cutting

For the new year table is perfect beautiful canapés from circles of banana and canned pineapple rings, chipped color skewer. Make colorful fruit, cut oranges, pears, apples and other fruits about the same size on the medium circles and swap them.

New year is the perfect example of the fruit slicing will become a hedgehog, which should be cut into medium cubes of pineapple and Apple, take tangerine slices, grapes and strawberries, and plant fruit on toothpicks and stick in half a pineapple. As Irineu head, you can use the pear green or kiwi, which with molten sugar put eyes from any berries.

You can also chop the leaves from the hard fruit, just cutting them from oblong pieces and making each of the incisions so as to obtain a kind of thin boat, which is filled with a variety of berries. To remind you of summer in the middle of the Christmas holidays, will help the cutting of trees, lined with banana and green slices of kiwi, and as the sand, you can use tangerine slices, sprinkled with lemon zest.