You will need
  • vaginal ointments or suppositories for topical treatment;
  • - biological products;
  • - dairy products.
If you experience the first symptoms of thrush it is necessary to visit gynecologist. Although the manifestations of this fungal disease encountered during the life of almost every woman, only a specialist can correctly diagnose the inflammation – vulvitis, vaginitis or vulvovaginitis, and to assign appropriate treatment. Because sometimes similar symptoms are caused by other diseases, more serious.
Today in pharmacies, many tools for the local treatment of thrush: this ointments, creams, vaginal suppositories. Some you can buy without a prescription, others require it. In any case, it's best to start with local therapy. Try to be treated "Clotrimazole", "Antifungals", "Kanestrom", "Ginekolog", "Pimafucin", "Polygenism", "Liveroom", "Nizoral", "Areazoom" and other drugs containing miconazole, nystatin, natamycin, isoconazole and other active substances, can inhibit the growth of fungi.
When expressed symptoms of the disease, appoint not only local funds but also preparations for oral administration. They are quite quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and current is transferred to the right place. The most effective medications based fluconazole, for example, "Medoflucon", "Forkan", "Diflucan", "Mycosyst" and so forth. Alternative – medication with Itraconazole, such as the "Orungal". Once is usually enough to take 150 mg if the disease is not too heavy. But sometimes the doctor may prescribe week course.
In parallel with medication, make sure to eliminate intestinal dysbiosis. He is also a direct consequence of taking antibiotics and contributes to the development of candidiasis, always accompanying it. Tests for the presence of this deviation do not necessarily. Start taking biological products "Bifidumbacterin" and "Lactobacterin" or more expensive "hilak Forte", which contains lactose, lactic acid, amino and fatty acids. Parallel to eat publishe fermented milk products "Bifidok". "Bifilayf" and the like.