The hole for planting Apple trees should be broad and deep. Optimal size is considered to be 0,8- 1* 0,5 M. to groundwater has not penetrated to the root system of the young seedling, the bottom of the pit well tamp feet, and the walls cover the raw clay. The clay layer should be not less than 3 cm If in the process of drying it starts to crack and fall off, squirt it with water from a spray bottle, or moisten a damp cloth.
No need to fill up a seedling Apple of the earth from the pit. Clay soil is rather poor and there is no need to plant humus. Therefore, to fill a tree is best nutrient substrate, which you can prepare yourself.
- 3 buckets of peat;
- 3 buckets of river sand;
- 3 buckets of humus or of humus;
- 3 buckets sifted ash;
- a glass of superphosphate.
All components mix well and fill the planting hole.
To eliminate standing water on the bottom of the pit, you need to sleep 10 to 12 cm of drainage. For drainage you can use gravel, small river stones, broken bricks, pebbles, expanded clay, sand-gravel mixture.
Make the groove for the withdrawal of excess moisture. This is necessary in case of heavy and frequent rains. The simplest way is to dig a shallow furrow, fill it with small pebbles and sand.
Planting seedlings also need to produce correctly. When the planting hole is completely ready, Packed the bottom and covered drainage, pour half of the prepared nutrient substrate. To fill it in such a way as to form a mound. In the center hammer peg, of medium thickness, with a height of 2 m. After spread the roots of seedlings and distribute them on all sides of the hill. The remaining nutrient substrate fill fit, shake the plant from time to time, carefully seal the soil with their feet, and pour a little water, so as not to form voids in the soil. When the planting hole is completely filled again, seal the soil with your foot so that your toes are pointed to the trunk of a sapling and again produce watering.