Pick-up time

The best time for planting, when vegetation is dormant in spring or fall (or rather, in any month from September to April). In winter the soil is not suitable for planting because it is very wet and frozen, and, as a rule, is under the snow. However, there is an unwritten rule, which States that the planting of fruit trees is better to do as early as possible, for example, in the early fall.

Seating chart

Each seedling must be well developed and healthy. Healthy seedlings should be removed all the damaged parts, and if the root is extremely developed, it needs to be shortened to 15 - 20 cm with a sharp pruner.

The roots is helpful is immersed in a solution of liquid clay and manure in ratio of 1: 1 for 24 - 48 hours. This procedure will increase the adhesion and improve the survival rate. Then, to protect from pests, you should soak the roots in fungicide, streptomycin or the best solution would be to use plant hormones.

The pit, which will be planted tree must be a depth of 50 cm, the width can be slightly larger than the depth. Prepare the soil for planting, it should not be too wet, a bit loose. In the excavated hole it is necessary to pour water and put manure. It can be natural or artificial fertilizer, but avoid direct contact of fertilizers with the roots. Pour into the hole a little earth over the fertilizer and well again pour it with water.

The tree is placed in the pit and covered with loose soil, so to fill all the voids between the roots, and then it should slowly pull themselves to the earth compacted around the roots. In the end, covered with earth all hole so that the roots were at 15 cm below the soil surface. If the climate is cold, it is advisable to put another layer of straw on top so as to prevent freezing of the roots.

Young seedlings require special care, they need to be protected from various pests mesh, which should fall wrap the lower part of the tree. In addition, first year seedling must be watered more often, especially when it comes to the dry summer.