You will need
  • - sharp spade and other garden tools;
  • - burlap or canvas cloth;
  • - thick rope;
  • - durable plastic film;
  • - wooden stakes;
  • - wire;
  • - two assistants.
Alone with change cannot cope. But with two assistants on a particular technology adult Apple tree to transplant. Best move tree to perform in the early spring, before the SAP flow. First of all, you need to take care of the crown. The branches needed to be tied up and wrapped in old burlap. It will protect them from damage and create more free space for lifting. But before tying the branches with a sharp spade must be outlined on the ground contour, equal in diameter to the size of the crown. This will be the inner edge, outward from which are beginning to dig a trench the depth and width of 35 cm protruding roots must be cut off.
Then under the edge of the root ball around the entire circumference stick the shovel deeper, at an angle of 45°. Dig the depth of the root ball is about 80 cm More ohms is not recommended, because it will be awkward to handle when moving. After the tree is dug out, carefully put on the ground under the root ball underlie a thick plastic film and completely wrapped in her com, locking around the barrel. In this Packed tree carefully moved to the new location.
A new hole for the tree dug up that root ball will fit in it freely and got 30 cm circumference and 20 cm in depth. On the bottom of the prepared hole need to pour a layer of rotted manure, peat or leaf mold, add a few handfuls of ash and bone meal. This will facilitate the formation of new roots. Then the tree set right in the middle of the pit and covered with prepared fertile soil. The ground around the trunk obleplivajut, tamped and well watered with warm water.
Tree trunks mulch layer of peat at 10 cm Then the perimeter of the pit to drive three or four strong stake and tie them with wire to the trunk and skeletal branches of the tree (under the places where the wire comes into contact with the bark, it is necessary to lay a soft cloth or cardboard).
The transplanted tree needs regular watering, especially if the winter was snowless, but spring was dry. The result of the transplant will be noticeable when the SAP and the buds on the Apple tree off in growth. If done correctly, the tree will bloom and bear fruit in the current year.