To obtain a good harvest it is necessary to make some effort. You can start with trimming trees. Definitely need to remove thickened, old and useless shoots. In case of cut Apple always has been good growth of the crop. Then you need to pay attention to tree trunks circles, the surface of which should be loose throughout the season. This is necessary in order to nourish the roots of oxygen. Best to close the tree trunks the mulch layer with a thickness of 4-5 cm, which is breathable and keeps the soil moist. As mulch you can use peat or dry grass.

Trees needs the fertilizer. You can immediately provide the tree with everything necessary for two years, but it is better to fertilize the trees regularly and gradually. In the spring when digging tree trunks need to make under the Apple 30-40 grams of ammonium nitrate and NPK.

During the growing season should be 2-3 times to feed the trees with nitrogen fertilizers. For itself, for example, pour the fresh manure is water and infuse for two weeks. Liter of the resulting liquid should be diluted in a bucket of water and 2-3 to pour buckets under each Apple tree.

Nitrogen fertilizer is chicken manure, which can also be made in the form of an aqueous infusion. Well, the most simple variant – two-three-week infusion of green parts of plants. For this barrel with the infusion should be covered with a polyethylene, it is to pierce a few holes. Divorced same – liter infusion in a bucket of water.

Care of Apple trees is a constant battle with pests. It is better to do without chemicals and to spray the trees by means of natural ingredients. Suitable extracts of ash, pepper, onion peel, tobacco or wormwood. Pests will be much less, if under the trees to plant tansy.

There is no doubt that this attention of Apple will generously reward their owners.