You will need
  • - gardening tool;
  • - cloth tape and a tight rope;
  • the Mat or Board for the roots;
  • - water, planting stakes, stretching.
Before transplanting an adult tree, think several times if necessary. It is not necessary to transplant the sick and weak trees (injured trunk and roots). Mature Apple trees can be transplanted if they are less than 15 years. For dwarf rootstocks, this time a little more.
Prepare the planting hole at the new location. They need to be 1.5 times more earthen coma repot the tree. Dig the ground, remove all weeds. Fill the soil with organic matter and izvestuya if its acidity is high. Prepare the stakes to support transplanted trees, each not less than 3 pieces.
Transplant spend better during the vegetative dormancy of the plant (early spring or fall). In both cases, the tree should be leaves. If transplanted Apple tree in the fall, palletise foliage remove. Mark the trunk with chalk or paint the sides of the horizon.
Hang on trees or ponovite label with variety name, rootstock and age of Apple trees. Try to dig a tree with the main roots and a large lump of earth. The total volume of the root system should be for the transplant at least half the volume of the crown. The ground with the roots are not Strachowice. By digging and transporting the tree, and tie the trunk with a soft cloth so you do not damage the bark of the trunk. Earth com pack in burlap, mesh or panel boards. Gently bend the trunk and skeletal branches.
Try without delay to plant Apple trees to new locations. Remember, the less will the time lapse between digging and planting of the tree, the better it will survive. Install the Apple tree in the same relation to the horizon. Soil ball in the planting hole, place so that the root collar was slightly above ground level. Pour the roots a loose soil, without leaving any gaps. Good pour. Tie tree to stakes. Mature trees with a large lump of the earth will settle, so in a month, tweak the tree, add soil.
When transplanting a large tree, try to observe a balance between the aboveground part and roots. For this you need to trim the crown. Using the pruner or saw, remove all broken, wrong, growing, intertwining branches. Discharge the crown of the tree so that branches were free to fly a Sparrow. This will create the optimum illumination for the leaf in the future growing season. All wounds zamazhte garden pitch.