Onlinechecking of fines

Check for unpaid fines you can, without leaving home. To request need access to the Internet. On the official website of the traffic police can not only check the current outstanding fines, but also create a personal account, which will reflect the latest information.

The verification services fines allow all users to pay bills, possible penalties for an administrative offence, and track information on your car. By creating a personal account in the system, you can configure specific notifications that will alert you about new fines.

The same procedure can be done on the website of the Federal migration service. This service reflects not only on fines for violation of traffic rules, but also information about all types of debt. In this system, you can also create a personal account and receive notification on your email address.

When using online services checking fines, please note that this should be done only at the official sites. Otherwise, you can become a victim of fraud and your payment will go to the criminals.

This method of checking fines has one significant drawback. The fact that the system is at an early stage of its development, so information for some regions it is not yet available. Experts working to expand the database, so if you are unable to make a request, be sure to try again after some time.

Office of the traffic police and UFMS

If you do not trust online services check penalties or your region is not served by this service, then the best way to inquire about debt would be to appeal to traffic police. During a visit to the staff you need to have a passport, driving licence and vehicle documents.

If you are interested in more information, you can ask for help in the offices of the Federal migration service. At your request, the bailiffs will provide you with information about paid, unpaid and fines, which could significantly affect your travel abroad.

Even if you are absolutely sure that you do not have fines and debts, try to periodically check this information. Especially attentive need to be car owners who often use their vehicles for temporary use friends, relatives or colleagues.