Advice 1: How to store oysters

Like other types of shellfish, oystersare you are living organisms that need to be stored in suitable conditions, in order to avoid as much spoilage as his physical death. You can only eat raw fresh and canned oysters, frozen subject to mandatory cooking.
How to store oysters
Before you prepare the oysters for storage, it is necessary to separate live from dead specimens. Live oyster heavy as it is full of juice (liquor), the leaves are tightly closed or slammed shut when tapped on the sink with the handle of a knife, and when you click on them. Live oysters with broken wings you need to eat within the next 24 hours, or peel and freeze.
How to store oysters in recoverability oysters in a wide shallow container, placing them so that the large leaf at the bottom. Top off with a damp towel. Store oysters in the refrigerator at a temperature of from +1 to + 4oC. Regularly sprinkle the towel with water. Therefore, oysters can be stored 5 to 7 days. Always keep live oysters in an airtight container – they just suffocate. Do not store live oysters shipped in fresh water – it does not suit them. Fresh oysters can be served laid out on shaved ice, but not stored.
How to store peeled oystersCleaned live oysters can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, provided that they are stored in their own liquid (liquor). In order to prepare clams for such storage, you will need to wash them, to clean, to separate the so-called "beard". Opening the oysters, drain the juice into a separate container and there immerse the cleaned oyster. Fresh transparent liquor, with a pleasant fresh sea smell. The muddy juice with a sour smell – a sign that the oyster is dead and spoiled. Do not use neither liquor nor meat of the clam.
How to freeze oystersCleaned oysters in their own juice is very simple to freeze. Simply cut the meat to distribute on zip packages or special containers, pour GeoXT so that it completely covers the oysters, and seal. If liqueur is not enough to close the meat completely, add a little water. Frozen oysters stored in the freezer up to three months. These oysters have to be heat treated, they never freeze again.
How to store canned oystersand canned Pasteurized oysters stored in accordance with a shelf life listed on the can. Pasteurized oysters in the clear can be stored for more than 2 days preserved up to a week.
Cooked oysters are not stored more than three days, they prefer not to freeze, as they severely lose not only the aroma, but the taste become "rubber".

Advice 2: How to store meat in the freezer

This product, like meat, is usually stored in quantities designed for cooking multiple dishes. This means that it will need to be frozen and stored in the refrigerator and use as needed. To all the benefits of fresh meat left in the frozen piece, you need to follow certain rules of freezing and storage.
How to store meat in the freezer

How to choose meat for storage

Naturally, frozen and stored should only be the meat, as you are sure that, after all, is a perishable product. In the meat that were stored with infringement of technology, very quickly develop bacteria, it begins to decompose and rot, they have an unpleasant odor, the surface becomes slippery, the color of his lighter, and then it acquires a greenish tint. To eat such meat as food becomes dangerous.

But fresh meat of newly slaughtered animal can't eat immediately after, or folded for storage – it should lie down for 2-3 days at 5 ° -8 ° C, so it began the fermentation, it became more delicious, soft, succulent and easier to digest.

How to store meat in the fridge

In the event that you are going to cook fresh meat over the next 2-3 days, to remove it in the freezer does not make sense. How to store meat depends on the age of the animal. If it is meat of an adult animal, it is well preserved and on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to 3oC, but if the animal is young to keep the meat in the refrigerator for only one day.
So the meat is better preserved before you put it in the freezer, have the pieces and separate the flesh from the bones.

If you need to store meat for a long time, for this purpose, the freezer. Cut into serving pieces meat should be wiped with a paper kitchen towel to keep it moist. Each piece should be tightly rolled up in plastic wrap or tightly wrap in a plastic bag to prevent the access of air. If meat made the meat, it is also Packed into portions and laid out in packages.
Wash the meat before removing it for storage in the freezer is not recommended.

To completely eliminate the access of air, you can also make an ice glaze on the meat. For that, the pieces should first be put in the freezer in plastic bags at 1-1. 5 hours, so it's a little podmesa. Then remove the meat and dip each piece into cold water, then put in the freezer. Repeat the operation 2-3 times and meat, covered with a solid ice crust, will be able to keep juicy and soft.

The meat of adult animals can be stored in the freezer up to 6 months for young animals, this time is reduced by half. If your freezer has a function of quick freezing, laying on storing several servings of meat, use it to the resulting water crystals do not have time to damage and disrupt the structure of the meat. It also allows you to keep the nutritional goodness of the meat to the maximum extent.
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