Savoy cabbage looks like cabbage. However, it is impossible to confuse them. Savoy cabbage leaves are more thin and delicate, and have a vesicular structure. Their color ranges from light green to dark depending on the variety. The heads loose, small in size. Savoy cabbage possesses an excellent taste and nutritional properties. Has considerable hardiness. However, it is not common, because it has a low yield, not suitable for canning and fermentation and poorly stored fresh.
Storage suitable varieties late ripening. Early maturing varieties are very badly preserved. Clean Savoy cabbage late cabbage because it can tolerate temperatures down to -7 degrees, and its taste only improves. Plenty of cabbages intended for storage of not less than 0.4 kg. They should have 2-3 tight covering sheet that protects from dirt and damage. Carry the cabbage in boxes or baskets, as the heads are easily damaged.
Store Savoy cabbage in the cellar at a temperature of 2-3 degrees and a relative humidity of 90 -95 %. Well established storage roots. The roots of cabbage pricopie or fill with wet sand.
Savoy cabbage can be stored in wooden boxes or on the shelves. Cabbage arrange in a row, stalks cut to 3 cm, leave the top 2-3 of the sheet.
Well kept Savoy cabbage with preserved root system to insulated balconies and sheds. The head position in a standing position or hang it.
Savoy cabbage with preserved roots can be stored in the trenches. Cabbages laid when the air temperature is 1-2 degrees, do a layer of paper or plastic film, through a series of pour land.