You will need
  • - Ginger root;
  • container;
  • - parchment paper;
  • - white wine.
If you want to save ginger root as long as possible, you can use the freezer. Thanks to frozen, the taste and useful properties of ginger are virtually indistinguishable from fresh. For this ginger root must be washed thoroughly and dry with a towel. Folded in a plastic container or other containers and put into the freezer. When you need to take the ginger and cut the desired quantity. Store, thus, ginger can be up to 12 months.
If you need peeled ginger, it is better to do it this way: ginger root wash, peel with a sharp knife and RUB on a small grater. Form of grated ginger small pieces and wrap in parchment paper. Store in the freezer. Very simple and easy to use, the shelf life is 8 months.
Cut ginger root thin slices, put into a suitable dish and pour dry white wine, store in the refrigerator. Thus, the ginger will retain its taste and freshness for several weeks. Wine can be used for cooking sauces or stewing meat.
In the lower compartment of refrigerator to store fresh root ginger, recommended no more than five days. During this time ginger root does not lose its curative and useful properties.