You will need
  • dried fish
  • paper or a thick cloth
  • cans
  • freezer
  • wooden boxes
  • wicker from vine baskets
  • linen bags
No matter how you going to keep fish, make sure that it is fresh and not damaged by any microorganisms. Storage perfect thick cloth or parchment. Enough to wrap the fish in 3-4 layers of cloth or paper and hang in a dark place (e.g. pantry or attic). With this method of storage will not be Intrusive smell of fish, and at the same time, it will "breathe".
Also, quite often dried the fish for storage put in cans and close lid tightly. This protects it from sunlight and air (hence, the rapid shrinkage).
Not less effective than the previous two, and this is a way of preserving the dried fish. Again, wrap the fish in paper and put it safely in the freezer. In cold weather the fish do not lose their taste and freshness and can be stored long enough.
For storing dried fish use of wooden crates, wicker from vine baskets or linen bags.